Sales Penetration

One Solution for your Outreach Sales

Our Unified Outreach Sales Approach for high velocity sales in the DACH Region. We help your Company to find the right prospects, engage them across channels, craft personalized communication at scale and close deals. Ready to GROW an Scale your Revenue?

Market Strategy

We know the target market: DACH region like no other. Our sales penetration concepts therefore take care of the cultural characteristics of the decision-makers. Designin a Market Penetration Strategy that works from the first day. 

Sales Strategy

Our sales penetration strategies are designed to make sales processes cost-optimized and sustainably successful. The mission: Constantly more growth an revenue for your Company. 

Outreach Strategy

We are hunters. Waiting for customers and only being satisfied with inbound marketing. That’s not us. We help you to win desired customers and to grow faster. With the Best Outreach Strategy for your Company

People buy People

ISelling is a person-to-person business. people buy people. This shows the importance of communication and contact in the sales process. If you sign that. Then we are the perfect growth partner for your company.

Multi Channel

In today’s digital world, customers need to be reached over diffitent channels. To trigger a high level of the willingness to buy. We orchestrate the outreach channels to maximize your success.

Sales Driven

Sales Penetration = Active selling and requires a strong mindset. It’s about conquering markets and customers. Against all odds. Doing your best every day. Never ever give up. So that the goal: „Closed Deal“ get achieved.

For Companies of any size

Start UPs

We do everything for start-up companies. From residence service in Germany to channel development and customer development. Talk to us.

Mid Size Companys

For Mid Size companies. We deliver Channel Development solutions, recruiting strategsy for best fit SDR´s and appointment setting solutions. Talk to us.


Enterprise use our proven recruting as a service solutions to optimize there sales force. They use our sales penetration solutions a bench mark to there classical sales concepts. Talk to us.

Sales Penetration Approach

Sales Penetration is a straight approach to help companys to grow faster. 

The Challenge:
The demands are constantly increasing:
More competition and more customers who have less time for sales talks. The time, the cost of selling is increasing, so salesperson productivity must continue to grow as well. Both developments require a stronger focus of sales activities, sales talks and the needs of potential customers. Classic sales solutions reach their limits here. It has been empirically proven that sellers can only actively sell a certain number of solutions. . The key to solving this problem lies in orchestrating the customer buying journey.  This is exactly where Sales Penetration  comes in. As the Key to faster grow.

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Better Results

Selling is a business made up of psychology and numbers, data and facts. We take care of both. To hit the targets we have defined with our customers and to crush sales qouta. We control the sales and markteing budgets and orchestrate the spends to maximize the Return on Investment.


Sooner or later those who never give up will win. In today’s extremely competitive world, persistence in acquiring is a key factor for success. Another is that the SDRs always do their best on the often rocky road to a deal. In order for you to succeed, we select top talents for you and provide them with the latest technologies. Because when top talent, technology and sales penetration come together. Then the path to success is paved. Your growth is unstoppable.

„A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.“

Steve Jobs

Accelerate  your Sales and your Growth in the DACH Region

Germans, Swiss and Austrians are very analytical, even skeptical people. Selling them something is damn hard. But if you know how to sell to them. Thanks to our Sales Penetration Approach. Then you will not only conquer the DACH region. Your Company will conquer the whole european market. Because most European countries admire the DACH region and follow the trends that come from Germany, Switzerland ans Austria.

Short Sales Cycle

From Tech enthusiast to the late adopter. To shorten the Sales Cyle for your Company we Design the Database and the Outreach Sales Strategy with the End in Mind. You make 80% of your sales with 20% of your customers. We determine your most potential target groups to close deals faster and accelerate your growth.

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