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From Silicon Valley to Isar Valley


According to forecasts, sales in the software market in Germany will increase  by a total of 6.9 billion euros (+20.24 percent) between 2023 and 2027. According to this forecast, sales in 2027 should have increased to 40.96 billion euros.

WIN Germany an you WIN EUROPE

With a GDP  of 5,085.22 billion euros, the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) represents 32.70% of the total GDP of the european union countries. If you are successfull here the rest will follow. 

Your READY do SELL  Sales Force

With more then 30 years of selling IT Services and Software Solutions we have a deep unstanding oft the market and experienced sales professionals who could be your READY to SELL – Salesforce Team.

Grow in Germany

If you WIN Customers in Germany the toughest Market to sell Software you will WIN all over Europe.

Grow in Germany

Germany is a strategic location with good accessibility to virtually all of Europe and, the DACH region in particular.

Common expectations of German customers include high quality, precision, reliable safety, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.

Higher turnovers for your company. Germany is the biggest Software and IT Market in Europe. .

What we do for you

We help you enter the German Market. 

Unified Outreach

With our Unified Outreach approahc we develop strong marketing & sales  concepts, fitting the right channels to generate leads.  We develope this leads until they are ready to buy your solution. We cover operational sales work, lead generation and controlling and make sure you receive the reports that are needed for management decisions. But the best for you: We deliver results. 

Market Development

We know the German IT and Software Market for more then 30 years. Based on our experience, the latest market informations we develop a market entry strategy that considers and reviews your competitors as well as best practices to make the market entry easy for you.

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Isar Valley 

Isar Valley is an unofficial name for Munich and its surroundings as an IT Hub and high-tech location. The name was derived from Silicon Valley in California, the most important location for the IT industry worldwide. The greater Munich area is one of the most important locations in this sector in Europe. With more then 30.000 companies in the IT sector there, with a total of over 230,000 employees. According to the Technical University of Munich, the region is even the most important IT location in Germany. The future is moving to Munich: Apple has its European Center for Chip Design here in the Bavarian state capital, Google wants to work on its products there with 1,500 new employees, and the computer giant IBM set up its innovation center for artificial intelligence in Munich’s Parkstadt Schwabing. So you will be in very good company. Let´s talk to us. 

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Let’s talk about increasing your sales in Germany and growing in the DACH region.

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