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We find the „BEST FIT“ Channel Partner for your Company

Get connected and reach out to channel partners (like resellers, Value Added Resellers, system integrators, consultants etc.) in the DACH Region. We help you grow your partner network and increase your indirect sales.

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We look for partners that are a DNA fit.

You want a complement to your product or solution offerings. If you sell NAS Solutions, for example, you would want to partner with IT Service  providers, since their customers could easily and would logically buy your product as part of the same purchase.

In B2B it’s more about matching up your company’s solutions with the capabilities of partners who want to grow as well. For example, your company may sell software  but doesn’t have the expertise in-house to distribute the software to every compnay size. In this case, you could partner with Resellers to handle the sales process for you. Through that partnership, you are able to grow faster and capture business opportunities you might have previously turned away from. Your partner benefits from the revenue you bring to them. It’s a win-win.

Build relationships with partners.

Creating mutually beneficial relationships is key to making a partner channel work for your company. You need partners that are just as invested in selling your product as you are. Ideally, you want a symbiotic relationship like those found in nature: two entities working together to thrive results.

We look for your first channel partners among companies who are familiar with your solutions.  While it may sound basic, it’s critically important that your partner feels there is enough value in the partnership for them to focus on it. Thats the reason why we work closely with your partners and build strong relationships that keep the dialogue open. This is the best way to quickly learn what works, what needs to be adjusted and how to build a repeatable model that you can successfully roll out to expand your partner channel further.

Equip your partners for success.

We make sure that we communicate with your channel partners up front about what the selling process is going to be like and provide sales support services that set them up for success. Because if you sell something like IT Hardware, cloud services or software that requires implementation, you want to make communicating your sales cycle a priority.

A great way to ensure your channel partners continue to promote your  solution is to provide them with great resources like our UNIFIED OUTREACH SOLUTION. A good partner channel strategy includes the development of assets such as landing pages, videos, cold calling and other resources to encourage distribution in a way that is easy for the channel partners. We empower  your channel partners with everything they need, so that the relationship will be more valuable.

Channel Development Process

Partner Search

Finding the right Reseller, Implemantation or OEM Partner for your Company shoul be like the beginning of a long lasting love relationship. 

Partner Onboarding

Our proven onboarding process is very fast. Because results are the ultimate driver to partner success. 

Partner development

We develop your partners with a strategic sales approach an our proven outreach solution. So that continous grothw became a passion for your partners, an the fall in lover forever with your solutions. 

Channel Partner Support

If you have limited resources or time to reach out to potential partners we offer the option to hire a dedicated partner account manager from our company to do all the development work for your company. So, we are doing all the hard work of follow ups through emails to all your matches and we provide you only qualified partnership opportunities like channel partner sign ups, demo requests, call requests, more information requests in order to convert them as channel partners of your solutions. Use our experience in devolepting channel partners for more then 12 years.

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Better Partners

After you have successfully engaged new channel partners with our support. You can seamlessly use our channel partner support services to manage, collaborate and make your channel partner successful.

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Make sure you can scale along with new channel opportunities.

We first, determine with you who your strongest partners are going to be. Then, we start with a few and see how the engagements go. 

If you’re looking to grow your business, you don’t have to hire a new salesperson in fact, your next huge growth opportunity could come from ideal channel partners. We look  for partners for you who are invested in the sale and are a DNA fit, then provide them with effective sales support to ensure you can deliver on the opportunities they bring in. With our smart and purpose-built approach to your partner channel strategy, you may not only exceed your sales goals in the German Market but dramatically up level your growth in no time.

Accelerate your Business Growth Through Partnering

To have long-term success, a company must continue to look for ways to grow in sales, reach and new products or services. Channel partnerships can play a significant role in boosting growth for your company. No matter your company’s size, a channel  partner can help increase revenue.

Effective channel partnerships are built on a shared commitment to grothw and will create more worth together. 

Channel Partnerships are a great way for your company to increase competitive advantage and can be leveraged to share resources, invent, and increase profitability in the German Market. Let´s talk about accelerating your success in Germany. 

Partner Performance

Finding the right Partners is hard, onboarding them and development takes a lot oft time. To make the partnership for both sides a win wind experience Partner Perfomance an SUCCESS is the KEY. We deliver a lot of solutions to support your Partners to crush sales targets. Let´s talk about it. 

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