Unified Outreach

Close more deals with UNIFIED OUTREACH

You have neither time nor experts with the necessary experience in Germaan to recruit successful? Every vacancy means lost sales and profits! We work hand in hand with you as part of your team to find the Best SDR`s for your vanancys.

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Database Design

We identify the most powerful targets customers for your business and leverage multiple databases to create a well-rounded database for your growth target. 

Ads Management

We Build visibility for your brand with advertising across social media. We grow your audiences, target your ads, and earn leads and conversions that boost your ROI. 

Linkedin Outreach

We maximize your revenue and grow your ROI by targeting your desired customers on  Linkedin. The result? Your ads only appear for those who want what you have to offer.

Cold Outreach

Even The Best Sales Teams Can’t Do Everything. Even though your sales team is pretty on developing customers, upsell and cross sell your solution. You don’t have endless time. Outsourcing the outreach task results in faster growth for your company.

Appointment Setting

Your SDRs get in touch with ready-to-buy leads. The time slot is fixed. Before appointments, we send gentle reminders to your leads about upcoming meetings. In case of no-show, we follow up with this person to reschedule the meeting, as our goal is to bring you as many Sales Meetings as possible.

Sales Meetings

Unfilled positions are often a reason for lost sales. Do not let that happen. Use our C-Level SDRs to maximize your sales. Our experienced SDRs show your software solutions to your customers and lead the sales process through to completion. Result: A satisfied new customer for you.

3 Outsourcing Levels

Demand Generation

Engage. Build relationships and win loyal clients with deman generation. We help you grow visibility and trust with your potential customers and strike right to their hearts to close deals.

Appointment Setting Service

Revitalize your sales pipeline with qualified meetings. We deliver you appointments that turn into deals


Closed Deal

Our Smart extension for your sales team to get new revenue and customers. We retrieve, qualify, and nurture your leads until they demonstrate genuine interest in your solutions an then we close the deal for you.

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Unified Outreach as a Service

Unified Outreach as a service is a 360° Outreach Success Solution for your Company. Winning new customers is a hunting job. Like every hunting, it is hard work. In the daily business a lot of Companies struggle in thie process. The Reason are different: less time for sellling. not enough SDR with a HUNTER MINDSET etc. We solve this problem and crush sales qouta. 

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Reach every Customer

With Unified Outreach you could reach and win every customer in a cost effective way. Especially for SaaS, MSP, etx this is the perfect solution to scale your revenue.

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Winning against competitors

Sooner or later those who never give up will win. In today’s extremely competitive world, persistence in acquiring is a key factor for success. Another is that the SDRs always do their best on the often rocky road to a deal. In order for you to succeed, we select top talents for you and provide them with the latest technologies. Because when top talent, technology and sales penetration come together. Then the path to success is paved. Your growth is unstoppable.


Faster Growth

By outsourcing your outbound sales, you can accelerate your growth. You can immediately use our proven Unified Outreach Strategy for your success. This saves you a lot of time and money. Depending on the selected outsourcing level, we will take you to the next stage or to your goal. you decide. Talk to us.

SDR  Performance

If you choose to use Unified Outreach solution untill that point we have set an  appointment for your SDR`s, you can increase the performances of your SDR by a factor of 150%. 

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